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We would love to have you volunteer but if your time is limited you can still be part of the team.

For as little as $2.50 per month (after your tax credit), you or your friend can be a sustaining supporter and help fund the framework of engagement for our volunteers.

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With your help, Elizabeth has set a standard in Canadian politics that is now reverberating through this new government. The success of COP21 in Paris has shown that Elizabeth will work with Prime Minister Trudeau’s team while holding them accountable to a higher standard. Now as we prepare to enter 2016 there will be many more opportunities for our favourite MP to lead by example and demonstrate what a dedicated, constructive, collaborative parliamentarian can accomplish.

Although the Harper era is behind us and it appears that we have our country back there is still much work to be done. From the Trans Pacific Partnership and its investor state agreement to electoral reform, there are many issues that demand our attention. Hundreds of volunteers at SGI will continue to publish newsletters, participate in the Green Media group, organize events and manage the riding's affairs so that we can effectively support Elizabeth in the new year.

Your donation makes all that possible. Please consider the generous tax credits that apply when you help to fund our activities.

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